Battle Report - Chaos vs High Elves

This, my third game of warmaster, was closer and much more enjoyable for me (I think I even saw Munster sweating once or twice!). This time I threw in a couple of Spawn, which was probably not a great choice in reterospect, and harpies and took out my mounted marauders. He took the same list (if it 'aint broke, don't fix it).

The forces of chaos found themselves on the far side of a river:

Gentlemen...start your engines
Meanwhile the elves eye the ruins, knowing that the rubble will provide the ultimate defence against the slavering horde, while the reavers move to advance down the flank.

Predictably, as the battle begins the elves scuttle into the ruins unslinging their bows and preparing to shower the approaching chaos warriors with arrows.

At this moment, the Chaos hero decides the time is right to betray the General and make his own play for power, he fails to issue a single order for the entire game! This leaves he Harpies stranded, but due to the proximity of the warlock on his dragon, the warriors and dragon ogres wade fearlessly through the river, shouting their defiance at the white-clad shapes flitting through the rubble.

Seizing the initiative, the Dragon Rider and Eagles, swoop over the river and slam into the disorganised harpies, ripping them to shreds. In return the Harpies can cut down a single eagle.

In the valley, on the flank, the Reaver knights manouver around showering the Chaos Knights and Chariots with arrows. Unfortunately they are unable to read the copperplate handwriting of the orders from the wizard who leads them, and mill around confused. Sensing their opportunity the Chaos knights and chariots surge forward gleefully and cut down the Reavers. However, the reavers are able to snap off shots as the chariots hit them, and the combat ends with both sides driven back withg heavy casualties to the chariots and reavers.

Using his precise and flowing script the General hastily orders a unit of Silver Helms who had been 'grooming' their horses at the rear of the elf battle lines to ride and reinforce the beleaguerd reavers. Unbelievably the Silver Helms spur their mounts to incredible speed and rush the full length of their lines, into the valley, and slam into the flank of chariots and knights, trampling the rusted battlewagons and cutting through the thick armour of the chaos knights.

Meanwhile, the Dragon spits out a mouthful of harpy and then charges into the flank of the Dragon Ogres. The lumbering beasts are surprised by this terrifying flank attack, but fight back fiercely. A Dragon Ogre's head is torn off but the dismembered body fights on for several seconds, driving the Dragon back.

The Elf infantry pour fire onto the advancing chaos warriors, but the thick armour (and skulls) of the chaos warriors prevent any real damage as they grimly stride forward into the ruins. Were the Chaos hero not so busy with his plans to usurp the general, the chaos forces might have been able to actually engage the elf lines... Asit is the chaos dragon breathes a wash of fire into the ruins, driving the elves back.

On the flank the Chaos General takes the decision to reinforce the beleagured chaos knights sending more knights, chariots and spawn to settle the matter. Unfortunately the chaos system of raising severed heads to communicate orders proves unequal to the swift dispatches of the elves, and the general must use his Orb of Majesty.

The fighting is fierce, and the shooting of the reaver knights proves decisive as they sell their lives dearly. With only a handful left the general orders the chariots to finish the reavers and sends the chaos knights crashing into the Silver Helms. Unfortunately the chariots prove uneqqual to the task and are destroyed, leaving only a few reavers alive. The chaos knights and silver helms are first equally matched, but when the Silver Helms charge back into the fray the chaos knights cut them down with ease - festooning themselves with severed elf heads.
Back in the centre, the Dragon Rider spurs back to the General, who orders him to destroy the only unit which is a real threat in the ruins - the dragon ogres. The dragon rider looks pale, but accepts his orders, and swoops back across the field to strike the dragon ogres in their other flank.

Despite the tremendous impact of the dragon, the dragon-ogres fight back well, and neither side can gain an advantage. The dragon retreats (although not as far as he'd like) and is joined by an Elf Hero (for moral support). Now enraged, the dragon-ogres charge forward and smash into the dragon cutting onto the thick scales with their mighty axes, the chaos warlock gleefully joins the frenzied beasts and the elf dragon is finally cut down, chopped up and eaten by the dragon-orges. As the terrified elf hero tries to fee, the chaos dragon swoops down and tears him in two (21 attacks will ruin your day).

The dragon-orgres now filled with battle lust rush on into the elf archers, and tear the frail elves apart, but having already sustained grevous injuries, they eventually sucumb to concentrated elf firing, and fall amongst the torn elf bodies.

Despite the horror they have witnessed, the elves in the ruins rally and concentrate their fire, filling the air with arrows. The Chaos warriors ready their shields, but the rain of death is too intense, and the entire unit is wiped out by the tremendous force of the elf fire. Then at a prearranged signal the elf chariots and remaining silver helms rumble forward and crash into the chaos infantry, crushing them with the tremendous impact of the charge.

With these losses the chaos battle line is broken, and retreats - bickering- to leave the elves victorious.