Warmaster Armies - Araby

Army now complete!

The Araby army for warmaster is, without a doubt, my favourite. It has some of the best miniatures in the game in my opinion. My Araby army consists of:

4 x Spearmen
4 x Bowmen
2 x Guards
6 x Knights
3 x Desert Riders
2 x Camel Riders
2 x Magic Carpets
1 x Elephants
+ A full suite of characters, including the Djinn and Elephant mount.

The magnificent army of the Emir of Martek!

Spearmen 1/4

Spearmen 2/4

Spearmen 3/4

Spearmen 4/4

All the Spearmen

Guards 1/2

Guards 2/2

All the Guards


All the Archers

Knights 1/6

Knights 2/6

Knights 3/6

Knights 4/6

Knights 5/6

Knights 6/6

All Knights

Desert Riders 1/3

Desert Riders 2/3

Desert Riders 3/3

Magic Carpets 1/2

Magic Carpets 2/2

All Magic Carpets

Camel Riders 1/2

Camel Riders 2/2

Elephants 1/1

Djinn and Elephant Mount