Warmaster Armies - Dark Elves


Painting the Dark Elves has begun. First up, the spearmen and Cold One Knights. Next update: even more Cold Ones...

Spearmen 1/4

Spearmen 2/4

Spearmen 3/4

Spearmen 4/4

Cold One Knights 1/6

Cold One Knights 2/6

Initial Thoughts

So, I decided it was time I had an army with Leadership 10, and as my regular opponent has High Elves, Dark Elves seemed like a good option. I decided to simply purchase a 2,000 point army, with some limited options, rather than going all out for a 3k force, as I did with my Empire.

It is hard to look at the Dark Elf list without comparing it to the High Elf list, and that way lies insanity! The High Elves are better in pretty much better in every conceivable way (shooting bonus, magic bonus, chariot options, dragon rider, no leadership penalty etc.) however, when you look at the dark elf list on it's own, it's actually pretty tidy.

Basic infantry: This is pretty standard stuff, with the elf infantry a premium option, but with a nice save. The repeating crossbows are a little lame on infantry. It seems unlikely that they will encounter a foe within 15cm to get extra shots, and not be charged. Allowing the bonus to extend to panic fire would have made it worthwhile, or allowing an extra shot at normal range, but with a -1 to hit for both, but c'est la vie.

Witch Elves are neat, but much like flagellants; hard to use. They seem a nice backup for bolt throwers, or potentially a screen for cavalry, but ultimately being infantry, they will struggle against almost any kind of cavalry or chariot.

At first I was dubious about Dark Riders, as I generally don't think 'light cav' are worth their points in warmaster, but given the restriction on cold ones, and the potential of each unit unloading 6 shots on a target, they may be very useful to break up enemy brigades.

Cold One Knights, by contrast, look excellent. They make the list worth playing. Unfortunately they are limited to 3 per 1000, and may not brigade with other non-Cold One Knights. Still, they almost make up for the lack of a chariot option.

Harpies are another unit I'm undecided about. They have never really been successful for me, largely due to their basing (as infantry) which makes them easy meat for other flyers (based like cavalry), but if I can keep them alive, they are great for auto-killing enemies who are driven back into them.

Bolt Throwers = Cool!

The War Hydra seems pretty fun, but not especially useful. A nice model, and cheap, he could be great if he were able to get into a supported fight, but not being able to be brigaded (even with other hydra), and with slow monster movment, it is a difficult challenge. Reminiscent of the Steam Tank (so awkward!), but in a higher leadership list, there is the potential to have a three order charge, so I'll definately include one for my first games.

The magic options seem pretty good, and I like the flavourful command rules (although i suspect I'll often have cause to curse them!). Overall a nice army. I've decided to invest in the following army:

4 x Spearmen
2 x Crossbowmen
6 x Cold One Knights
3 x Dark Riders
2 x Harpies
2 x Witch Elves
1 x War Hydra
2 x Repeater Bolt Throwers

Pictures Coming Soon!