Warmaster Army - Empire

So, I thought it was high time I painted up another army. I've picked the stout men of the Empire because they are an ever present feature of the Old World. Flawed but numerous, they also have a shooting component that I've not tried yet with my Chaos forces.
To begin with I have chosen the colours of Altdorf to paint the army. I realise this is a common choice, but as I have a WFB in these colours I thought it would be cool to have a miniature version. I began with the core units, figuring these would take the most time, and again the detail on the miniatures is breathtaking. So to begin with, the salt of the army; a unit of Halberdiers

My Empire Army includes the following units:

6 x Halberiders
6 x Crossbowmen
2 x Handgunners
3 x Flagellants
3 x Skirmishers
5 x Pistoliers - Completed 4/7/09
4 x Vanilla Knights - Completed 8/5/09
1 x Knights Panther
1 x Knights of the Blazing Sun
2 x Cannon
1 x Mortar
2 x Hellblasters
1 x Stank
1 x Pope-mobile
1 x Hero on Griffon
1 x Characters

The army before painting begins!

The Grand Army of Altdorf after painting!






Mortars & Hellblasters

Knights - Reiksguard

Knights Panther

Knights of the Blazing Sun


Steam Tank

Hero on Griffon
Grand Theogonist

General & Wizards