Warmaster Army - Chaos Mortals

Presenting my first warmaster army - Chaos Mortals. These guys are a lot of fun to play, although there is always a temptation to build an army of the really hard hitters, like Chaos Knights and Dragon Ogres, which invariably means a small force with a very small break point. After playing for some time, I came to the conclusion that the best chaos force was almost as large as I could build, took losses, but trusted to it's superior combat skills to win out.

My Chaos Mortals Army includes the following units:
3 x Chaos Warriors
3 x Chaos Marauders (may add more of these later)
3 x Chaos Knights
2 x Marauder Cavalry
2 x Chaos Chariots (may add more of these later)
2 x Chaos Hounds (may add more of these later)
1 x Harpies
1 x Chaos Trolls
1 x Chaos Ogres
2 x Dragon Ogres
4 x Chaos Spawn
1 x Dragon Rider
1 x Characters

The army ready for battle

Chaos Ogres

Chaos Marauders

Marauder Cavalry


Dragon Ogres

Chaos Chariots

Chaos Warriors

Chaos Trolls


Chaos Knights


Dragon Rider

Chaos Characters